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Ed’s Body Said “No” (Tapping for Crohn’s Disease)

A few weeks back, I was being interviewed by Dr. Ed Osburn for his podcast, “The Chiropractic Philanthropist”. He had invited me on to talk about my new book, “The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief” and I figured it would be a standard interview, explaining how tapping works, why it works so well for pain relief and how his listeners, mostly chiropractors, could use it with their patients as an adjunct to their work.

What I didn’t expect was when Dr. Osburn mentioned to me before we started recording that he had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2009 and had been in pain ever since. He told me it was something that he talked about openly on his podcast so I suggested that we explore tapping live on the podcast to see what might happen.

Now, that in and of itself is slightly remarkable, that I have SO much confidence in this technique and how I’ve seen it work again and again, that I’m willing to test it live on an interview. One might think it’s risky, or might say, “What happens if it doesn’t work, won’t you look silly?”  but I’ve just seen it work so often that I don’t seem to blink an eye anymore when it comes to putting it to the test!

We started the interview, and after I had covered the basics with Dr. Osburn, we moved on to demonstrate the process. He told me that his pain, as we talked, was a four out of ten and that it was like that most morning, with it increasing throughout the day. So we started tapping, first focusing on the pain itself and then going deeper, asking questions like, “If there was an emotion in your gut, what would it be?” .  We talked about “when it started” – what was going on in his life in 2009, and found a lot of “gold” to work with there.

When did it start?

Dr. Osburn shared that in 2009, he was running an extremely busy practice, training for a 100 mile race and just going, going, going non-stop. We tapped on some of the feelings around that time and also worked on what his life would be like if his pain went away completely. We identified some fears about the pain going away because if the pain went away…then he’d have to go back to his life in 2009, and he didn’t want that…

All this emotional conflict around the pain, all this turmoil, all this stress and fear was keeping his body from healing, and we worked to explore that and let it go. Within the 40 minutes we spent together on the podcast, only about 15 of them spent tapping, his pain went from a 4 out of 10 to a .5!!! Almost gone, he could barely feel it. We wrapped up the podcast and I offered to work with him for a few minutes longer, to see if we could get the pain down further.

After another 15-20 minutes of tapping, his pain was completely GONE! I was astounded. I continue to be every time I see this happens, because it’s just simply amazing. I asked him more about the pain, confirming that it was completely gone and asked him, “When was the last time you were pain free?” He replied, “2009”.

“Wait,” I said, “Just to be clear, you’ve been in pain constantly since 2009? Not one break?”

“Yes,” he said, “Even when I was on painkillers, I still felt the pain. This is the first time since 2009 that I’ve been pain-free.”

We were conducting the interview and session on video Skype, so I could SEE not only the relief on Dr. Osburn’s face, but also some confusion! How could this be happening! We signed off and I asked him to keep me appraised of what was happening and to continue tapping and going deeper.

I received this email from him the next day:

Yesterday was a very good day…I felt so much better I almost did not feel myself.

My wife was amazed (and so was I of course) –I was in my office in the afternoon for a consult and often I feel really crappy–but my energy was great and in fact I did not think about the discomfort or difficulties with heading to the practice once. Most often I am anxious and distracted–very unusual experience for me.

This morning I am about a 2/10….but that doesn’t matter because I know there is a strategy or tool to help–where there really wasn’t before–I have restored hope.

This stuff runs deep for me and I’d be very surprised of my healing did not require some work–I ran out yesterday and picked up your book “The Tapping Solution” at our local bookstore and I am determined to make this a daily ritual –there’s many limiting beliefs to work on.

What’s most exciting to me about this email is that Dr. Osburn has found HOPE and is willing to continue to working. It’s a good sign that the pain was only at a 2, so it’s less than when we started, and with continued work I know he can help his body heal.

So if you’re dealing with a diagnosis that seems hopeless, if you’re in pain, or feeling fatigue or just not experiencing the health you most desire, then I urge you to pick up a copy of my new book, “The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief”:

Comment below: What are you struggling with? What does this article bring up in you?

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