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My Best Find

Hello, thanks for this space to tell our stories, Liz! (This is a super condensed version of my story) On September 9, 2001 I was researching a meteorite

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Photo | Spiritual

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Blizzard Stone, Need Help Dealing With Earth Changes?

Blizzard Stone

Blizzard stone contains a range of different minerals, creating many excellent effects. It aids grounding, healing, spiritual and psychic gifts and kundalini awakening. Also called Gabbro.

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"When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything." | Spiritual

“When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything.” - Ajahn Chah (via...

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Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! Here are a few Halloween...

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! Here are a few Halloween tips!! #happyhalloween #halloween #blessedsamhain #samhain #wicca #pagan #witch #mystical #magic #metaphysical #spiritual #essentialoils #aromatherapy #spiritualhealing #spiritualhealingmiami #miami #miamilife #gypsy #lightworker #priestess #priestessmiami #spiritualawakening #meditation #yoga #reiki #moonmother #love #spirit #spiritguides #ancestors #om #namaste

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This is a day where the veil bewteen worlds is the thinnest as...

This is a day where the veil
bewteen worlds is the thinnest as we honor our ancestors.
A great way in doing so is by doing the ‘Healing the Mother Ancestors “Meditation
which is found on the link in the registration email when you register for the
World Wide Womb Blessing
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20 Things to Remember When You Feel Anxious

Your heart races. Your body temperature rises. Your hands may shake. Your stomach may churn.

Your thoughts start spiraling to the worst could that happen, and suddenly you feel so unequipped—like everything’s going to fall apart, and you won’t be able to handle it.

It can feel so powerless when anxiety takes over, almost like your brain and body are being hijacked, and there’s little you can do to feel safe or in control.

Except that’s not actually true. Though anxiety can have both physical and mental symptoms, and we can’t just will it away, there are things we can do to calm ourselves.

I know because, like most of us, I’ve been there many times before, and I’ve coped both poorly and well.

I’ve panicked about panicking, believed every anxious thought, judged myself as weak, and tried to numb my feelings with alcohol—these are things I’ve done more often than I care to admit.

I’ve also breathed deeply, observed my thoughts, treated myself with compassion, and chosen to embrace my feelings—more and more often as I’ve gotten older.

Since I know we have a lot more power than we think when it comes to managing anxiety, I recently asked this question on the Tiny Buddha Facebook page:

What’s one thing you try to remember when you feel anxious?

More than 1,000 people responded, which I appreciated both because their thoughts were comforting and also because this reminded me just how common anxiety is. It’s natural. It’s human. But we don’t have to let it control us.

Next time you’re feeling anxious, remember what these Tiny Buddha community members shared:

1. This will pass, and more quickly if you don’t resist it.

It's a wave I must let hit me and ride until it passes. Fighting it prolongs it and turns it into a riptide. ~Lori Craven

If you just let the current carry you to where it will for a little while, the river will eventually spit you out. Just go with it and it's going to be okay. ~Renee Breuer

2. You can and will get through this—and this can make you stronger.

I verbally acknowledge and remind my inner child that it's okay, and “Adult Doug” will take care of it. That's where the anxiety arises from. I know as an adult that my success rate of surviving any crises I've faced is 100%. My little inner “Doug” gets scared and feels anxious, afraid, and insecure, so I just tell him that I have it in control. ~Doug Marcum

I can handle whatever happens. I always have, one way or another. If things don't work out the way I expect then that's okay too. The anxiety will pass and I will be stronger afterward. ~Suzy Wedley

3. You are safe.

I breathe and repeat to myself: “I'm safe. I'm okay. I can take care of myself. I am powerful. I am significant.” Repeating it helps me refocus. ~Ida Zakin

The situation isn't life or death. I'll live to see another day despite the outcome. ~Claire Denney

My mantra: “It's just adrenaline. It can't hurt you. It will pass.” ~Chuck Striler

4. Your body is trying to protect you.

I’m not a dying zebra! I watched something that said stress is a natural part of our fight or flight response, which is helpful if you’re on the savanna running from a hungry lion. ~Jenn Miles

Anxiety is my body's way of trying to protect me. My body has good intentions. It's just a little misguided. I'm grateful for my body's protection. ~Jenny Britt

5. The past and future cannot hurt you in the present.

I try to think about what is causing me anxiety, and it is typically a thought or thoughts about the past or future. I remind myself that I am okay in this moment, and all we ever have is this moment. It helps me. ~Angela Regan-Storvick

6. Thoughts can only hurt you if you give them power.

Since mine stems from thoughts that then spiral, I remind myself that thoughts are just that. They do not have to have meaning attached to them if I do not let them. Let them come in and out and give them no power, no meaning. Do not fuel them but let them come and go. They do not have to be reality, and most times they are not a reflection of reality or my true self, just plain old thoughts, and I do not have to react to every single one. ~April Rutledge

7. Worrying will not change the outcome.

I remind myself that my worrying will not change the outcome—never has and never will. Then I focus on what I'm grateful for, things that are beautiful and wonderful in my life right now. And lastly I repeat this: “I let go and I trust that I am being taken care of.” ~Joie Kreze

8. What’s worrying you is temporary.

I try to remind myself that whatever is causing my anxiety is temporary and if I'm patient, it will be resolved. ~Jess Swanson

I try very hard to remember that for most situations, they will pass whether I get all stressed out or not. ~Karen Jane Lehman

9. You have everything you need.

I try to remind myself that I have what I need: air, water, food, clothing, shelter. Then I remind myself to keep things in perspective and that I can choose how I am. ~Lorna Lewis

10. You’re stronger than you think.

I get anxiety over little things and I have to remind myself of how much I have overcome. If I can get through two brain surgeries, four different types of radiation treatment, Thyroidectomy for Thyroid Cancer, and a left neck dissection, I can get through the little stuff. Sometimes you just have to push through the discomfort of the situation and see it will be fine. ~Sara Ruggiero

11. There's a lot going right.

I concentrate on what positive is going on right now this minute. I am safe, I am not hungry, I have a good job, a husband that loves me, my family is safe and healthy. I keep going until I feel the tension fading. Then slowly but surely I can clear my head enough to take on what lies ahead of me. ~Birgit Gerwig

Things could be worse. I have my health. I try to count my blessings. ~Colleen Tayler

12. You are loved and supported.

I think of all the people who love me. I picture their faces and I imagine myself surrounded by a bubble of love, and as I'm breathing deeply I'm breathing that love in and out. ~Conni Wrightsman

13. Things often aren’t as bad as they seem.

Four by four, how will I feel about this? Will it still seem huge and overwhelming looking back in four days, four weeks, four months, four years? It helps me to put things in perspective . ~Jacqui Learmonth

I ask myself, “Am I, or is someone I love in danger right now, in this moment?” 99.9% of the time, the answer is no, so I do some breathing and relaxation exercises to calm my mind and deal with the situation from a healthier perspective. ~Celeste Rothstein

I ask myself: What are the most important things in my life, and then focus on that. What I am stressing about usually isn't one of the important things. ~Nicole Neubauer

14. You can calm yourself by focusing on your breath.

Give your brain a simple task. Sit and breathe. Stare at a wall. Put yourself in time out and inhale slowly. You are not wasting your time. Thoughts will float into your mind. Let them keep floating. Re-align your spine as you sit. And breathe. Take ten minutes if you can. If you can't, even a minute is better than nothing. ~Dabe Charon

Inhale for four counts, hold for seven counts, exhale for eight counts. ~Lisa Martinez 

Breathe. If that doesn't work I run. It forces me to regulate my breathing. This will calm my body down forcing my mind to calm down as well. ~Carolyn Stennard

15. Trust can sometimes be the antidote to anxiety.

Trust and anxiety are mutually exclusive so focus on trust, whatever you can trust at the moment, and anxiety moves out. ~Alexia Bogdis

16. It helps to focus on what you can control.

“One step at a time.” I tend to become anxious because I worry and overthink things that I can't control and may or may not happen in the future. So I started to think this in my head whenever I notice the feeling creeping up. To take action one step at a time on something that I can control and let the rest run its course. ~Adelia Benalius

17. You don't need to have everything figured out right now.

Sometimes it's not enough to take it day by day. Sometimes, it's hour by hour, or even minute by minute. And if I breathe and stay calm, I can make better decisions to effect positive change with the situation with which I'm dealing. ~Susan Stephenitch

18. Getting it out can help you let it go.

Write it down, get it off your chest, relax, make a plan of attack. Do something instead of worrying. Don't let it take away today's peace. Nothing stays the same! ~Lisa Marie Wilson

19. You deserve your own love and compassion.

Anxiety can often come from a place of judgment of the self. Stop, breathe, and surrender to self-compassion. ~‪Christine Strauss‪

20. You are not alone.

Know you're not alone. Others are struggling with something as well. We're all in this together! ~‪Melanie Rn‪

What helps you when you feel anxious?

**Most responses were edited for spelling and grammar, and some are part of larger comments not included in full.

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Heard of Taaffeite?


Did you know that I write short explanations of the attributes of new crystals I receive and add these to my site? As there a lot of crystals written about on my site, they are categorized alphabetically. I have just added new stones to the T page, so you can read about Taaffeite and Thaumasite as well as a few more.

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Morganite or Pink Emerald is The Stone of Divine Love


Morganite or Pink Emerald is a peach or Pink Beryl stone that brings Divine Love into your life. A heart and higher heart chakra stone that heals women emotionally and physically, helps relieve guilt and shame.

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Eliminating Phobias and Fears

If you have a fear or phobia, you know how uncomfortable or even how debilitating it can be. If you want to learn how to use Tapping to overcome ANY fears or phobias, big or small, I’ve pulled out Chapter 11 from my first book, “The Tapping Solution,” to help you. 

Lindsey was terrified of clowns.

I know, it sounds pretty funny. I can hear you snickering: “Clowns? Really? This is a serious problem? She was scared of clowns?”

But the reality is, clowns terrified her. While it might seem amusing to those of us who don’t share that fear—and while she was aware that it wasn’t rational—she was frightened nonetheless.

Lindsey is a fun, bright, happy 24-year-old and one of the team members at our company, The Tapping Solution. When she was five years old, she had walked in the room while her parents watching the Stephen King miniseries It, which features a murderous clown.

While she has no recollection of the incident—her parents told her what happened and why they feel this is where her fear of clowns started. Clearly something made an impression on her.

I had known about her fear but didn’t understand how serious it was. Then I heard from another team member that Lindsey had seen a picture of a clown and had started crying. I realized at that moment that this was a full-blown phobia that was affecting her life.

This fear perfectly illustrates an underlying element of all fears and phobias: the conditioned response. It’s not a logical fear, and it serves no purpose. But once the pattern
has been programmed into the system, the conscious mind cannot override it.

While the clown phobia seems especially amusing, the pattern is the same whether the fear is about public speaking, enclosed spaces, heights, needles, germs and dis-ease, dentists, or snakes. The phobia usually starts with a negative experience. After that, the patterns of fear keep running again and again, each time the person encounters that scenario.

You might argue that the fear of snakes is real—snakes can be dangerous—whereas the fear of clowns is not real because clowns aren’t dangerous. Yes, humans have a natural, smart, genetic tendency to be wary of potentially dangerous snakes; that’s very different from a phobia.

I don’t have a snake phobia, but I would be scared if a venomous cobra were in my office right now. That’s a natural and rational response. What makes a phobia different is that it is not rational. The fear is present even if there is a nondangerous snake in an enclosed cage across the room.

Likewise, most of us would be a little nervous about speaking in front of 5,000 people; even speakers who have done it hundreds of times might feel a little agitation or excitement. A phobia, on the other hand, would keep us from putting ourselves in that situation in the first place!

You might remember that the original tapping breakthrough happened when Roger Callahan was working with Mary on her water phobia. Her fear disappeared instantly after tapping. It worked then and continues to work very effectively with fears and phobias of all varieties.

Using EFT to Clear Out Fears and Phobias

In just about an hour of tapping, we turned around Lindsey’s phobia. I’m sharing the process with you here, because it’s similar, no matter what fear you’re working with.

Even talking about clowns made Lindsey anxious and fearful. So we began the tapping with the very simple and broad statement Even though I have this fear of clowns, I choose to relax now. Go slowly with fears and phobias; there’s no reason to suffer through the process.

We did several rounds of Even though I have this fear of clowns . . . and then tapped through the points, repeating “this fear of clowns . . . this anxiety . . . this stress in my body . . . ” We continued until she found herself calm and relaxed. Now I was able to ask her when the fear had started.

She shared with me what she had heard from her parents—the experience of seeing the movie It as a child and being terrified. She didn’t have a conscious memory of this experience and
didn’t feel anxiety when she talked about what her parents had told her. But just to be sure, we did some tapping on it. We proceeded to tap on Even though I saw this scary movie when I was a kid, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Again, we weren’t able to measure a level on it, because she wasn’t emotional about it, but I felt it would be smart to do a couple of rounds just in case. At this point, I could see that Lindsey was relaxed, so I took the next step. Confronting fears and phobias is all about baby steps. (You may remember the concept of “baby steps” from the movie What About Bob? with Bill Murray—what
we’re doing is not that different!)

So I went on to ask Lindsey, “If I were to show you a picture of a clown right now, how would you feel?” Notice I didn’t say, “I’m going to show you a picture of a clown” or “Think of a scary clown.” I wanted to continue to ease her into the process. “I’d be a little scared,” she replied. “I’m feeling a little anxious right now.” So we went on to tap on that—Even though I’m feeling a little scared . . . and so forth—until she found herself calm again.

“Lindsey, I’m going to send you a picture of a clown via e-mail,” I went on. “How does that feel? Are you okay with that?” “Yes,” she said. “That’s fine.” We were doing this session over Skype video, so right away I sent her a drawing of a cartoon clown. She opened it up, and I asked her, “How do you feel when you see that?” “A little anxious,” she replied. So we tapped on that until her anxiety
went down.

From there, we went on to look at a photograph of a real clown. This is where it gets interesting. When she saw the picture of the real clown, she said, “I hate the red nose. That really freaks me out.” This was an aspect of her phobia. With phobias, you want to be especially careful to look for all the different aspects of the issue—and to clear them all in order to have full relief.

An aspect will always be specific. If Lindsey is specifically scared by the red nose, just tapping on Even though I have this fear of clowns . . . might not clear the fear. So we had to be more
specific, tapping on Even though this red nose really freaks me out. . . .

We continued to tap on more and more pictures of clowns. Finally, I sent her a picture of the clown from the movie It. I warned her beforehand, and we tapped on her anxiety about even seeing it. Then, when the anxiety number was down, she looked at it, and we tapped. After several rounds, she was able to look at the clown image and say, “I don’t like the clown. He’s creepy, but I can look at him and my body feels fine.” When I looked at the creepy It clown, I felt the same way!

She no longer had a phobia of clowns. She didn’t like looking at creepy clowns—but neither do most of the rest of us! Our work was a success.

Identifying with Fears and Phobias

One interesting thing to note about the session with Lindsey is that something that came up toward the end, as the phobia was clearing. She got visibly upset and said, “I don’t know who I will be without this fear.” Again, I know it seems amusing because her fear was about clowns, but it is so indicative of the patterns we all run—no matter the challenge, fear, or phobia.

Being afraid of clowns was part of who Lindsey was. At some level, she defined herself that way: “I am afraid of clowns.” She had grown up afraid of clowns, all her friends knew she was afraid of clowns, and she took actions to make sure she didn’t face clowns in her life. This fear was part of the fabric of her life, her identity. Who would she be without it?

We tapped on Even though I don’t know who I’ll be without this fear of clowns . . . and Even though I’m used to being afraid of clowns, I don’t know how to act without this fear, I deeply and completely accept myself. And so forth. These statements began opening up her mind and body to a new possibility, and she then started shaping a new identity without this limiting fear.

She can continue to tap on positive statements of her new identity, such as I am someone who is free of phobias; I now find clowns funny; I choose to be courageous, fun, and bold, even around clowns! and so forth. This serves to reinforce the new identity that she’s already partially stepped into, and it is likely to give her even greater confidence. Without reinforcing the change by tapping
in more positive statements, she might not be scared of clowns, but not have any positive emotions around them, either.

Tapping further can make any encounter she has with them fun!

It’s Not about Being Brave or Not

Kris Carr is a brave woman. She’s spent the past 10 years battling a rare cancer, documenting her journey in the film Crazy Sexy Cancer and being a guiding light to millions through her
film and New York Times best-selling books. In other words, she is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and living a life of freedom, high energy, and joy.

So as we walked together up a mountain near her home in Woodstock, New York, I was surprised by something she shared with me. She was saying that at the top of the mountain there’s a steel tower you can climb and see in all directions for miles. I said, “Great, let’s go up!” to which she replied, “Oh, no, I’m not going up there! I’m scared of heights.”

She instantly knew she’d said that to the wrong guy. If an issue is tappable, I’m going to get you tapping! And what’s more obviously tappable than a fear of heights?

I promised her the experience would be painless; she wouldn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to do. So we began tapping right then and there, starting with the anxiety she was feeling at the thought of tapping.

Just like talking about clowns made Lindsey anxious, the possibility of having to face any heights made Kris anxious. Her body and mind started imagining negative future scenarios and creating fear around them, even though they weren’t real and hadn’t happened yet.

Kris and I spent the rest of the climb up the mountain tapping on the anxiety she was feeling. By the time we got to the top, she felt calm. I took a look at the tower. It was perfect, because it had multiple sets of steps at various levels. She could take her time, moving up the levels slowly, tapping each step of the way.

We started at the bottom of the platform, tapping on the anxiety she was feeling. We went back and forth between the global statement Even though I have this fear of heights . . . and specific statements about her body state, both emotional and physical.

For example we tapped on

Even though I feel all this anxiety . . .
Even though I feel like I can’t take a deep breath . . .
Even though I have this knot in my stomach . . .
Even though my body feels shaky . . .
Even though I’m scared of falling . . .

We systematically worked through the different aspects that were coming up in her mind and body. Slowly, we started climbing. We went step by step, only moving when she felt comfortable and safe. Up we went, tapping and climbing together the whole way.

Her loving husband, Brian, was there with us, shaking the platform as we climbed to make sure she really overcame her phobia. (Not a recommended strategy when someone wants to get over a
phobia, by the way, and Kris certainly let Brian know how she felt about his contribution!)

When we got to the top, Kris’s reward for having overcome her lifelong fear of heights was a majestic autumn view for miles in every direction. An appropriate metaphor for the reward we get when we finally let go of those lifelong fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs: we can then see a beautiful, clear view of our lives and the world.

Two Fears Handled in One Hour

Meggan is a dynamic writer, lecturer, and coach to thousands of women around the world. She was scheduled to speak at an important conference and reached out to me for some help. Meggan had often taken the stage before, with extremely positive feedback from her audiences. But up until that point, she always read her speeches from behind a podium. She never felt fully comfortable with the experience, either.

For the upcoming event, she wouldn’t have a podium. She was also planning on speaking without a set script. The prospect terrified her, so she reached out to me, having heard how effective EFT could be when it came to public speaking phobias.

When we began our session, I asked her to visualize being onstage, without the podium or her written speech, and to tell me what she experienced. Particularly, I wanted to know what she felt in her body. I find that focusing on physical sensations is a great way to get started addressing fears, because it helps us connect more fully to the feelings and determine what’s really going on.

She shared with me that she felt a constriction in her chest and throat when she thought about the event; not a surprising location for a fear of public speaking. I asked her to give the constriction a number, and she said it was a 7 on a 0-to-10 scale.

We began tapping with some very simple statements:

Even though I have this constriction in my chest and throat, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though something feels stuck in my throat, I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I have this anxiety in my chest and throat, I choose to relax now.

We kept tapping through various statements and the points, until she could no longer feel the constriction in her chest and throat. I then had her go back to the image of herself speaking up onstage at the event. What did she feel? What did she see? She shared that she felt better and saw the speech going well, but only once she got started.

“I think getting started is going to be tough,” she said. We’d cleared out the stuck energy in her chest and throat, and now the next aspect of her phobia had arisen. So we tapped on the issue of getting started until it cleared and she felt confident enough to continue.

I continued to ask her to visualize the event and to look for anything that didn’t feel right. I even added to the potential pressure, on purpose, in order to make sure everything was clear. For example, I had her visualize the audience not smiling when she first came out, to see if that would bring up any anxiety. Audiences are generally very receptive and welcoming to the speakers, but I wanted to push her buttons a little bit, to make sure we handled all the different aspects of her phobia.

This process continued, with more tapping, digging deeper and deeper, until she could no longer find any anxiety, stress, or worry about the speech. Instead, she reported, “I’m actually excited for this and starting to think about what I want to discuss. I could never go there before because I was too terrified of the whole experience!”

I’ve mentioned it several times but it bears repeating because it’s so crucial. The way to get lasting results with fears or phobias is to dig deep and address all the aspects of the issue. This is a time when it’s good to look for what’s wrong, to identify problems, to push within yourself and see how it feels!

Meggan was delighted with how she felt, and we were about to sign off from the call when she shared with me that she was excited to use EFT on her other fear: flying. She was going to have to fly to the event, after all!

The fear of public speaking had taken only 30 minutes to address, so I offered to continue helping her with the fear of flying right then, and she agreed.

She shared with me that 15 years earlier, she and her sister had flown together on a small airplane, and the flight was the worst experience of her life. From the start, the turbulence was unlike any she had ever experienced, with the small plane dropping several feet at once, again and again. She had been sure she was going to die. The pilot didn’t say a word to reassure the
passengers, and the muted cries and screams of the people around her made everything worse.

They finally landed safely, but to Meggan’s mind and body, the trauma of the experience never left. She had worked on healing and had made progress, but at the deepest level, the trauma was still there—affecting her life in all sorts of ways.

This wasn’t just a fear of flying that we were working on together, it was a deepseated fear about life—about safety, about who she was in the world, and about not having to be on alert at all times. That one experience had taught Meggan that she needed to be vigilant, that the world was inherently unsafe, and that her body wasn’t safe, either.

I used the “movie technique” with Meggan, asking her to recount to me what happened, while tapping at the same time. I could tell from Meggan’s body language and tone that just talking about the issue brought her some anxiety, so I was careful to move slowly. I told her that if she ever felt the emotional intensity was too high, or if she didn’t feel safe, we could back away from the experience.

This is one of the great things about working with people on video Skype or in person rather than by telephone: the visual cues give you invaluable information. Meggan recounted the story of the plane flight from start to finish. I focused on helping her feel safe, guiding her with questions that brought her deeper into the experience when needed and pulled her further out when things seemed to get too intense.

She told me what had happened, step by step, and tapped the whole time. Her first recounting of it was very emotional, but I could see her calming down as she tapped. I then had her tell me the story again, and again, and again, until there was no emotional intensity to any element of it. In the end, when she thought of the traumatic flight, she broke down in tears of joy because she was no longer experiencing the fear and pain that just 30 minutes earlier was paralyzing to her.

I’ll let an e-mail that I received from Meggan the next day give you a fuller idea of the results she experienced:

I’ve been sleeping like a teen since our call. If it weren’t for my toddler, I might still be in bed. It’s not fatigue; it feels more like make-up sleep. The part of me that was terrorized into hypervigilance during that flight 15 years ago, to stay awake, to keep watch, to be ever on the lookout for my safety finally took a bow and stepped down.

Not trusting life takes a lot of energy (smile). I have this visceral knowing that when the make-up sleep has run its course, I’m going to have crazy amazing energy. I’m so fascinated, and semiperplexed, at the session’s effectiveness. I keep trying to conjure the fear I once had for flying and also the naked, exposed feeling I had about speaking without a script in public, and I just can’t access it. It’s not there. I remember who I am, or who I was before these fears made a home for themselves within me. I don’t get how tapping works, and I don’t need to—it just does.

Tapping accessed the actual wound and just lifted it. Poof. Tapping returned to me the actual feeling of calm and safety in my body that the trauma of that flight has been blocking ever since. Like a magician pulling the white tablecloth out from under a dining set, tapping revealed that my trust in the world, in my life, has always been there—as my ground of being—and that the fear was simply obscuring its permanent presence within me.

I’m a convert. A smacked-on-the-forehead, true-believer convert. My gratitude is endless.

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Until next time,

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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Halloween special!! Oracle readings with my angel, goddess and...

Halloween special!! Oracle readings with my angel, goddess and women runes Oracle! I am divinely guided by my beautiful medicine women guide and the divine feminine! Contact me to book your 30 minute session! Special extended to November 1 (día de los muertos!) #halloween #happyhalloween #diadelosmuertos #samhain #oracle #oraclereadings #readings #miamipsychic #halloweenmiami #miamilife #healing #spiritualhealing #spiritualguidance #spiritualhealingmiami #spiritguides #love #lightworker #priestess #reikimaster #reiki #reikimiami #crystalhealing #meditation #yoga #om #namaste

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MEA Summary Review: Rethinking Childhood Adversity in ME/CFS | 30 October 2017

We recently posted the conclusion of a new study from a research group at Newcastle University, led by Professor Julia Newton, which evaluated existing claims that childhood adversity was a high-risk factor in the development of ME/CFS.

Rather than attempt to place all of the review on this blog, we have made it available to view online or download as a pdf. file

This new study demonstrated that if you remove comorbid depression from the picture, the prevalence of childhood adversity in ME/CFS patients is significantly lower than previously found (17% compared with 66%). Meaning that childhood adversity is more likely to be associated with the development of depression and should not be considered a primary risk factor for ME/CFS.

“Having taken clinical histories from large numbers of people with ME/CFS over a period of 30+ years I have always been struck by the fact that the clear majority have had entirely normal and happy childhoods – as I did before developing ME/CFS as an adult.

“This type of very consistent ‘patient evidence’ clearly contradicts a small number of research studies which have concluded that various aspects of ‘childhood adversity’ are more common in people with ME/CFS and are therefore predisposing people to develop ME/CFS when the right trigger factor – normally a viral infection – appears in later life.

“So, it is very encouraging to find that a well-respected research group at the University of Newcastle, headed by Professor Julia Newton, have revisited this issue and completed a very thorough piece of research which has found that childhood adversity is far more likely to be associated with major depressive disorder than in the causation of ME/CFS.”

Dr Charles Shepherd, Hon Medical Adviser, ME Association.

Read the full review online or as a download

Image copyright: afhunta / 123RF Stock Photo

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Join me this Friday! As we will be exactly one month from the...

Join me this Friday! As we will be exactly one month from the last #worldwidewombblessing of the year for my monthly #femaleenergyawakening #wombblessing circle.
As we meditate and receive the womb blessing in sisterhood and love.
We will connect with the four female archetypes that have guided us this year.
You are also welcome to join me in decorating the ribbons we will use on our prayer cord during the World Wide Womb Blessing in December.
“The Womb Blessing returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies”
***Please bring with you two bowls, shawl, and three ribbons with colors and patterns of your choice.
Moon Mother Priestess Heidi Ronquillo #moonmother #moonmothermiami #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #goddess #wombhealing #wombhealingmiami #wombblessingmiami #energyhealing #metaphysical #spiritualhealing #miami #miamievents #om #womb #yoni #sisterhood #namaste

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Enjoy the new you, who you are today. In this moment, this ...

Enjoy the new you, who you are today.
In this moment, this ‘you’ is to be savoured like a piece of rich chocolate cake,
and enjoyed in all its uniqueness.
Embrace and love the moment and
who you are.
-Spiritual Messages for Women, Miranda Gray
Register as we come together in sisterhood for the last World Wide Womb Blessing of 2017
Register at wombblessing.com don’t forget to register with time frame 24:00 and RSVP with me! #wombblessing #wombblessingmiami #wombhealing #wombhealingcentermiami #wombhealingmiami #moonmother #moonmothermiami #wombwisdom #womblove #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #sacredfeminineenergy #goddess #priestess #priestessmiami #energyhealing #metaphysical #meditation #spiritual #spiritualawakening #femaleenergyawakening #spirituality #spiritualhealing #spiritualhealingmiami #om #namaste #purityandgrace

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#Repost @carlatrepat (@get_repost) ・・・ Crowdfunding campaign to...

#Repost @carlatrepat (@get_repost)
Crowdfunding campaign to print ⭐️"LILITH’S TREASURE, a tale about sexuality, pleasure and the menstrual cycle"⭐️ has just begun! JOIN US AND MAKE IT POSSIBLE! ⬆️ LINK IN BIO ⬆️ Lilith’s Treasure is a #childrenstale about #sexuality, #pleasure and the #menstrualcycle. It was originally written in Spanish, and after a huge #success was translated into seven other languages, amongst which Italian, German and French. 🌸Now YOU can help publishing it in English!!! 🌸

For a #betterworld and more #respect for #women! 🌷Spread the word!🌷 #metoo #period #menstruationmatters

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Why People-Pleasers Don’t Get the Love and Respect They Desire

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“Niceness is the psychological armor of the people-pleaser.” ~Harriet B. Braiker

I used to think that being kind, gentle, and agreeable was guaranteed to win me love and acceptance from others. I’d tiptoe around destructive people’s behaviors, no matter how uncomfortable I felt about it, believing to my core that if only I could be nice enough to them, they would one day lead a better life.

I lived my life constantly avoiding anything that might make me look like a bad, imperfect, antagonistic, or unlikeable person. Because as every people-pleaser knows, being disliked or disapproved of feels worse than ignoring your own feelings—at least at first.

Some people were easy to please; a kind gesture or smile was all it would take. Getting their approval so effortlessly made me happier than a kid at Disney World. But with other people, it seemed the more I tried to please them, the more likely they were to treat me like an old dish rag; and the more this happened, the less I liked myself.

Eventually, my efforts to please others left me feeling disrespected, violated, and disconnected—from life, from other people, and from myself.

For many years, I silently endured the ongoing, relentless invalidation of who I was based on how others treated me. When someone close to me was feeling unsatisfied, negative, or in search of someone to blame, there I was, ready to take it.

But no matter how unhappy I was, I still wanted to make them feel better. I wanted to see them happy, even at my own expense.

At the core of these one-sided relationships I maintained with some of the perpetually dissatisfied people in my life was an enduring belief that if only I could solve their problems and make them happy, I’d finally receive the love and acceptance I desired all my life.

I never stopped to think, “But what about me? What will become of me if I keep trying to satisfy people with an unquenchable thirst?” I couldn’t see that no matter what I did, it would never be enough. In fact, it wasn’t about me it all. I didn’t realize that no matter how good I am at solving problems, or how perfectly I can handle things, if someone wants to find fault with me, they will.

Instead of seeing other people’s dissatisfaction as an issue for them to resolve on their own, I internalized it and interpreted it to mean I wasn’t good enough.

But one day, I finally started asking myself some important questions: “What will become of me and my self-worth if I keep basing it on unhappy people’s perceptions?” Who will love and respect me if I’m not even taking a stand for myself?”

My conception of who I needed to be in order to gain love and acceptance was slapping me in the face over and over again like a flat tire driving on uneven pavement. But still, I wondered why my formula wasn’t working. I truly believed that living selflessly was a surefire way to get love, appreciation, respect, and lots of hugs in return.

It took me a while to realize that living this way was actually having the opposite effect. My constant selfless giving and kindness didn’t automatically earn me a pass on the eternal acceptance subway. It actually seemed to be an invitation for people to take advantage of my generosity, allowing them to feel less anxious about their own lives.

I set myself up to be other people’s emotional dumpster, personal life fixer, and convenient source of blame for their misfortunes.

What I came to learn the hard way is that pleasing others isn’t the way to win their love and respect. I finally realized that if I kept taking on other people’s anxiety as my own, they would never change. And why would they, after all? They got lots of relief from me stepping in and resolving things. But at what cost?

All this pleasing had left me feeling inadequate and stressed out as I watched the recipients of my pleasing play out the same problems and drama, over and over again.

Love At All Costs

One night I had a dream that I was standing in a field with nothing but the clothes on my back. I felt weak and tired, like I needed someone to come lift me up and ask me how I was doing.

Slowly, my family and friends started to join me in the field. But they weren’t there to rescue me; they were there to bring me their troubles.

One by one, they started pulling me in different directions. They wanted me to solve their lives for them, even though I was alone, tired, defeated, and left with nothing.

The dream was showing me the truth about how I was living. When my life and health started to collapse around me like a burning building, I had to take a hard look at my perspective and decisions. I started to question my beliefs about what it meant to be a truly good person, and what it took to receive the love and respect I so desired.

That dream helped me understand that my people-pleasing behaviors weren’t getting me what I desired; they were getting me the very experiences I spent my life trying to avoid.

Back then, it would have been easier for me to blame others for their ungratefulness and neediness; but deep down, I knew that blaming would have been another way to avoid taking a look at myself.

I was sick of exhausting myself trying to help and change other people, only to find that it didn’t work. I knew I had to change myself and, as cheesy as it may sound, give myself the love and respect I so desired. Because the truth is, no one can give you what you should be giving yourself from within—especially not those people who need the pleasing you so easily offer.

After much reflection, I came to see that my pleasing behaviors were a way for me to get the validation from others that I wasn’t giving myself. Of course my efforts backfired, because I alone was responsible for my happiness; other people’s happiness wasn’t my responsibility, and just because I was overly nice to someone didn’t mean they had to treat me the same way.

I was trying to please other people so I could feel worthy of love. In reality, my kindness wasn’t coming from a place of vulnerability, honesty, or acceptance; it was rooted in anxiety and fear.

In my attempts to make everyone else happy, I lost control of my own identity, and they lost their ability to solve their own problems. By changing myself to become who everyone wanted me to be, I made myself less desirable and implicitly invited people to take me for granted.

Pleasing Yourself

Do you find yourself people-pleasing and wonder how you can get the love and respect you desire? Well, the answer is pretty simple, but the actions it takes aren’t quite as simple. The first step involves changing your perceptions. Once that’s done, changing your behaviors will follow naturally. Here are some things to remember:

1. You aren’t treating yourself with love and respect when you regularly do things for others that they’re avoiding doing for themselves.

2. You aren’t treating yourself with love and respect when people violate your boundaries and you don’t speak up about it.

3. You aren’t treating yourself with love and respect when you say yes to something but really want to say no.

4. You aren’t treating yourself with love and respect when you internalize others’ dissatisfaction and take it on as your own problem.

5. You aren’t treating yourself with love and respect when you hurt yourself in order to make others happy.

Over time, I came to understand that my efforts to make other people happy were like deposits made in a piggy bank with a giant hole at the bottom.

If you’re stuck in a people-pleasing cycle, chances are you’re subconsciously attaching to people who need you to soothe their discomfort, because they can’t do it for themselves. Since they don’t know how to manage their own emotions, they’ll continue to reach out to you whenever they’re in crisis—and, on the occasions when your pleasing behaviors aren’t sufficient for them, they’ll blame you for their discomfort.

If you want to make changes in your life, it’s time for you to see this pattern clearly and stop basing your sense of worthiness on other people’s approval of you.

Change your perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors. Make contributions to a bank that pays interest. Receive the love and respect you so desire by celebrating your freedom from the longing to be accepted by others.

Editor's note: Ilene has generously offered to give away two free copies of her latest book, When It's Never About You: The People-Pleaser's Guide to Reclaiming Your Health, Happiness and Personal Freedom.

If you put other people’s wants and needs ahead of your own and end up feeling ignored, disrespected, and disconnected, this book is for you. Using real-world examples and activities to help you break your people-pleasing patterns, When It’s Never About You can help you get what you want and need—while earning even more respect from others. To enter to win one of two free copies, leave a comment below. You can enter until midnight PST on Sunday, November 5th.

About Ilene S. Cohen

Ilene S. Cohen, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist, blogger, and professor. She’s a regular contributor to Psychology Today, with her most recent release of her self-help book entitled, When It’s Never About You. Her work is fueled by her passion for helping people achieve their goals, and lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. To learn more about Dr. Ilene visit www.doctorilene.com.

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Using Crystal Skulls And The Benefits To You

Magenta Fluorite Skull

Why are crystal skulls often made from quartz crystal? Skulls are also carved from various stones to represent the human skull. Wonder how you use them? Learn about how to use them and their benefits.

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Larimar Stone Links You To The Goddess, Aids Communication


Larimar stone is called Blue Pectolite. A very spiritual stone that connects you to the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. Is soothing and emotionally healing helps to remove energy blockages, relieves stress.

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Photo | Spiritual

from Spiritual Seeker 77

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Photo | Spiritual

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ufukedmeup-usikfuk: ~ via Your Mask Slipped Off | Spiritual


~ via Your Mask Slipped Off

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Smokey Quartz Crystals For Protection And Grounding

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz Crystals protect you, ground and anchor you to Mother Gaia. For psychic protection, protects and transmutes negativity energy. Helpful for spiritual workers such as clairvoyants and psychics.

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Learn About Psychic Protection Crystals & Prevent Psychic Attack


Discover best psychic protection methods. See list of best protection crystals to use to help prevent psychic attack. Read how to create a protective cloak to shield you from attack.

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#affirmation #healing #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualhealing...

#affirmation #healing #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualhealing #spiritualhealingmiami #spiritualawakening #reiki #energyhealing #metaphysical #meditation #yoga #reiki #healing #reikimaster #priestess #priestessmiami #moonmother #moonmothermiami #wombblessingmiami #wombhealingmiami #divinefeminine #love #miami #crystalhealing #om #namaste

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Heard Of Darwinite?


Darwinite is another name for Darwin Glass. It is thought to have been created by a meteor hitting in an area close to Mt Darwin in Tasmania, Australia. They are glassy stones that have a high vibration, similar to the energy of other tektites.

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Photo | Spiritual

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Photo | Spiritual

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The Sixteen Buddhist Luohans

In the Chinese popular imagination, mendicant monks, conjurers, and mysterious hermits were often thought to be disguised “living luohans,” or Buddhist holy men capable of producing miracles.

from Buddhism now

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Learn About How To Use Crystals Sensibly

Bumble Bee Jasper

Learn about how to use crystals sensibly. You should use your crystals with care, and handle them in a responsible and sensible way in case they contain toxic ingredients.

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Blue Lace Agate Properties Boost Communication With Your Voice

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate have healing and metaphysical properties that are soothing, calming and nurturing and help to relieve stress. Their energy boosts your ability to speak freely and communicate better on many levels.

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generationintrovert: Need to find myself first. | Spiritual


Need to find myself first.

from Spiritual Seeker 77

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generationintrovert: Easier to open up around the right people. | Spiritual


Easier to open up around the right people.

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Halloween special!! #halloween #samhain #oracle #oraclereadings...

Halloween special!! #halloween #samhain #oracle #oraclereadings #readings #miamipsychic #halloweenmiami #miamilife #healing #spiritualhealing #spiritualguidance #spiritualhealingmiami #spiritguides #love #lightworker #priestess #reikimaster #reiki #reikimiami #crystalhealing #meditation #yoga #om #namaste

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Tapping Meditation: Releasing the Fear of Public Speaking

Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind. - Dale CarnegieYou’ve probably heard the Jerry Seinfeld joke:

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

I can just hear Jerry deliver it – so good! (And I just re-watched Seinfeld, start to finish. I’m telling you, it gets even better with age!)

Anyway… so… are you scared of public speaking?

When I speak in front of audiences and ask this question, a good 20% of the people there raise their hands.

There’s probably another 20% who are scared to even raise their hands – lol!

And then there are chunks of others who have various feelings like, “I’m not scared of it, but I don’t like it.”

Or they might have specific scenarios that they struggle with. Or they’re only a “little bit” scared, but that’s enough to stop them in subtle ways from creating what they otherwise might want in their lives.

But not to fear – Tapping can help! 🙂

I’ve seen it be utterly transformative on fears of public speaking! And to get you started, I’m sharing a Tapping Meditation today on “Releasing the Fear of Public Speaking”.

It’s my gift for you today because the world needs your voice!

I’ve even made it available for you to download and keep, so you can have it on your phone when you need it most, like before a presentation or speech. I don’t want you being nervous backstage, so I’ll be there to help out. 🙂

Download the Audio Download the Transcript

(I’ve also included the transcript if you’d rather read and tap along.)

And please do let me know of your experience using this meditation before your next presentation.

If you’re new to Tapping, and realize that NOW is the best time to get started, you can learn the basics in minutes here.

AND… my NY Times bestselling book, “The Tapping Solution,” helps you clear out the old baggage and mental patterns so that your voice can ring out loud and clear in the world! So if you haven’t already, you can pick up your copy here.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Make sure to share this meditation with anyone you know who might need it. Whether this issue is a challenge for them, or if they have a big or small presentation coming up, they’ll forever thank you for it!

What did this meditation bring up for you? Comment below!

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Available to order on my website! Link in bio. Don’t forget to...

Available to order on my website! Link in bio. Don’t forget to pre-order your #themoonismycalendar journal/calendar. The calendar begins for Dec. 2017- winter solstice 2018. This simple circular calendar aids setting intentions with the new moon,tracking our cycle, record daily meditation, track emotional,physical, and creative cycles over time to deepen self awareness, daily check in with yourself. as well as perceiving time in relation to nature more clearly and Patterns in your own experience become more apparent. It provides structure for connecting to your inner wisdom and natural Rhythms They will be available as of Mid-November. Also the current The Moon is my calendar is available for sale for only $20! Regular price is $30! Contact me for more info! #meditation #lunarcalendar #healing #awareness #metaphysical #newage #goddess #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #sacredfeminineenergy #moonchild #yoga #reiki #astrology #miami #miamilife #moondial #menstrualcycle #moonmother #moonmothermiami #priestess #spiritualhealing #spiritualhealingmiami #om #namaste

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Join me November 3 exactly one month from the last...

Join me November 3 exactly one month from the last #worldwidewombblessing of the year for my monthly #femaleenergyawakening #wombblessing circle.
As we meditate and receive the womb blessing in sisterhood and love.
We will connect with the four female archetypes that have guided us this year.
You are also welcome to join me in decorating the ribbons we will use on our prayer cord during the World Wide Womb Blessing in December.
“The Womb Blessing returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies”
***Please bring with you two bowls, shawl, and three ribbons with colors and patterns of your choice.
Moon Mother Priestess Heidi Ronquillo #moonmother #moonmothermiami #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #goddess #wombhealing #wombhealingmiami #wombblessingmiami #energyhealing #metaphysical #spiritualhealing #miami #miamievents #om #womb #yoni #sisterhood #namaste

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