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Babingtonite Is An Ascension Stone That Aids Communication


Babingtonite is an ascension stone that aids communication and helps with past life work. Use at the throat and heart chakra to aid healing.

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Gaspeite Embodies Spiritual Vibration That Aids Healing


Gaspeite has strong metaphysical properties and healing attributes. It heightens coincidence or synchronicity, aids weight loss, helps you to clear clutter and promotes spiritual growth.

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Join me for this free world wide womb blessing circle! January...

Join me for this free world wide womb blessing circle! January 31 as we come together to heal and awaken our sacred feminine selves as we connect to the seat of our soul, our womb/harĂ¡. We come together as a community to bring healing and transformation to ourselves and the world in the #worldwidewombblessing register at wombblessing.com and rsvp with me. #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #worldwidewombblessing
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Save the date! Moon Mother Level 1 training in August! More info...

Save the date! Moon Mother Level 1 training in August! More info to come soon! To walk the Womb Blessing path in our lives is a step towards making things better-changing who we are into a fuller version of our femininty.
It brings us to a new place in our life, renewed and ready to bring love and female energies into the world.
-Female Energy Awakening, Miranda Gray. Organized by Priestess, Moon Mother Heidi Ronquillo @heidir29 and Advanced Moon Mother Barbara Jordan @livingmoonmother #moonmother #moonmothermiami #moonmothertraining #miami #miamievents #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #wombblessing #wombblessingmiami #wombhealing #wombhealingmiami #goddess #energyhealing #spiritualhealing #purityandgrace

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How to allow anxiety


Your anxious energy is not something to get rid of or suppress. You can’t destroy energy and suppressing it just keeps it within. The way to be free of this energy is to allow it fully. You think you want liberation from this anxious energy, when the truth is, it want’s liberation from you. This is why is keeps coming up, it wants to be free of you, just as much as you want to be free of it.

Most people never allow themselves to feel this energy, they avoid places/situations, drink too much, over exercise, take drugs/medication, distract themselves in activities, they search the net for ways to get rid of it, look for gurus, try to perfect techniques, fight, suppress, spend all day in their heads trying to feel different. In doing this people get worse, as there is nothing more mentally draining and exhausting than constantly being at war with yourself, it is like lashing out at an invisible enemy that you have no chance of ever defeating. Also all this resisting, the constant struggle is the main cause of your suffering. The absolute best you can do is force some temporary peace, but then the energy goes nowhere, so the problems persist and the constant search for temporary peace continues. Whatever you constantly try to suppress will always keep on knocking until you finally give up your pointless pursuit for temporary peace and allow its presence within you.

Many people spend their lives in this loop, I did for 10 years until I finally realised the only thing I had not done was allow myself to feel the way I did. When I looked into this approach deeply then it made utter sense to me why this would free me of this energy that I had done everything to try and avoid feeling. It made sense how much struggle and resistance would fall away, how much more of a break my poor over worked mind would get, how much wasted brain energy it would free up. How if I wasn’t so concentrated on fixing me, then my awareness could go back on life and I would start to feel more real. It made sense to me that this was the only way forward. It wasn’t the day I recovered, as I still had so much anxious and fearful energy to release and for a while things heightened as now I was fully open to feeling how I did. It was like opening a tap and everything that I had suppressed came rushing up and it wasn’t always pleasant to face. But I truly understood the process that was happening, I didn’t see it as bad thing anymore, in fact quite the opposite, I didn’t think I was regressing on any given bad day. In fact quite the opposite, I saw it as my body finally releasing what needed to be released, I saw it as a step nearer to being free of anxiety.

The main 2 reasons people go back to fighting/suppressing is because the brains automatic reaction is to try and fight off uncomfortable feelings. This is why you/your brain needs to understand that feeling this anxious energy is a good thing, that when you are free of this anxious energy, then all that is left is peace. The other reason is many people don’t have the patience to go through this process, they think once they understand something then they should feel great, if something doesn’t work instantly, then they go back to searching for temporary peace. I personally figured I could either allow myself to go through a few months of discomfort and be free or spend a life time trying to find temporary peace and get nowhere.

A lot of people will say to me ‘Yes but it is not the anxious energy that is the problem, it is going to a supermarket, driving etc, that is the problem’ my reply is ‘No, these places are not the cause of your anxiety, they are just triggering the anxious energy that is within, if you were free of this anxious energy then you would not feel such a reaction to normal situations. If the problem was in these places, then everyone would feel this way, the truth is, they don’t. So don’t put the problem on the place or situation, the problem is not there, that is just a trigger for what is within, the problem is never on the outside, the problem is within. So there is no reason to avoid these places. See them as a place that triggers in you what needs to be released and allow the reaction.

When you are free of this stored up anxious/fear energy then you will only get anxious/fearful when you are in a real danger. We need this reaction to keep us safe and protect us. The problem only occurs when we accumulate too much of this energy (usually through a prolonged period of worry and stress) and we feel it it normal every day situations or as a constant feeling. This is a clear wake up call to allow this energy to be felt, as uncomfortable as it is to do so, you can never be free of what you refuse to feel.

I hope that helps people. I think I have covered anxiety quite a lot recently, so I will talk more on other aspects of anxiety and will do a post on disturbing thoughts next.

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Fundraising feature: A coffee morning for M.E.? | 23 January 2018


By Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be physical. And you don’t even have to leave your own home to do it.

Sarah Freeman (pictured below) was really keen to get involved in raising funds towards further research and support for sufferers. To help in any way she could.

She explained that she had recently been diagnosed with M.E. and that, as her sister had also had the illness some years ago, she was acutely aware of the impact it has on people’s lives.

She thought that, with help from her Mum, she might be able to organise a coffee morning at home and perhaps sell a few handmade cross stitch cards too.

She writes,

“The coffee morning went really well. I got such a buzz from the event that I’m thinking of doing another.

“I baked lots of cakes (as baking is my absolute favourite thing to do!!) and put the donation boxes around the table.

“I think this was a really lovely and friendly way to run the coffee morning as people didn’t feel obliged to pay a specific amount, but it often means you actually end up getting more donations when you don’t give things specific prices!

“With help, I managed the event just fine.

“I am already thinking of what I can do next to help…..”

Thank you Sarah for all you have done for M.E. and for the ME Association.

Fancy raising funds yourself in 2018?

If you are interested in raising funds for the ME Association, then why not give Helen Hyland, our fundraising manager, a call on: 01280 838964, or contact her via email. You can also visit the fundraising section of our website, which contains a lot of ideas for fundraising activities you might want to consider.

Please help us to continue our work

Please donate – whatever you can afford – to help us make the UK a better place for people with M.E. Just click the button below to visit our JustGiving page:

Or why not join the ME Association as a member and become a part of our growing community? Your subscription will not only help to keep us doing what we do best, but you will also receive our exclusive ME Essential magazine.

ME Association Registered Charity Number 801279


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The Womb Blessings support us in living every day as...

The Womb Blessings support us in living every day as “authentic” women.
By living authentically we stay heart-centered and empowered in the storms of life.

-Female Awakening, Miranda Gray

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