Monday, 22 May 2017

Fourth appearance on BBC Radio Scotland for our medical adviser in a year | Kaye Adams Show, Tuesday May 23, 11am

MEA medical adviser Dr Charles will be appearing on BBC Radio Scotland for the fourth time in a year tomorrow (May 23) – when he joins a discussion on Lyme Disease on the Kaye Adams Show at 11am.

The invitation to take part was prompted by a question about the symptom overlap (and frequent confusion) between Lyme and ME/CFS asked in the dying minutes of a phone-in on Stephen Jardine’s programme, but left somewhat hanging in there air, on ME Awareness Day (May 12).

The May 12 discussion is still available to listen to on

The discussion on ME/CFS that day begins at 1:16:30. The main participants were Dr Shepherd and Emma Shorter, 24, organiser of the #MillionsMissing demonstration in Edinburgh.

To listen to the show tomorrow, click on the following link:

from ME Association



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