Thursday, 26 May 2016

My story

My story and how Holistic healing, Buddhism and Spirituallity has helped me.
I decided to put this blog together to aid my teachings and help other people lead a holistic and spiritual lifestyle.
I am a lightworker and holistic healer as well as an artist, photographer and graphic designer.
My art work emits energy and healing vibrations and is filled with love and light.
I am inspired by colour and I use my images for colour therapy and colour healing.
I thrive to help and inspire people and to spread the light, love, peace, knowledge, empowerment that I have learned.

My story started when I discovered crystal healing at the age of  6. My godmother is a crystal and holistic healer and she taught me lots on my visits with her.
When I was 12 I started buying spiritual and Buddhist books and studied them intensely.
I joined a spiritual development group and started mediating regularly. Shortly after this I joined a meditation and Buddhist teachings group that I still go to regularly now.

During the 41 years that I've spent on this planet I've had times where I forgotten about Buddhism and Spirituality and have then faced big problems.
I believe a lot of my problems have come from stress and anxiety which could have been elevated if I'd remembered and practiced the Buddhist lessons that I'd learned.
I also believe you have to live through hard times to learn from them so looking at the bigger picture life wouldn't be the same if circumstances were different and I needed those lessons to get to where I am today.

Hard times

I learned how to cope with my anxiety and stress by learning more about myself and what triggered the emotions I was feeling.
I got to know my inner child and myself as an adult and have realised my younger years weren't easy.
My first boyfriend died, then my young cousin died on my 18th birthday. I also lost a lot of friends at a young age in car accidents and from illness.
I didn't have the happiest days at school and got in to a few abusive relationships when I was a teenager.
I got married very young which was a big mistake and had two very unhappy marriages. Both my ex-husbands were alcoholics and gave off very negative vibes.
I need peace harmony and positivity in my life and  have found that again now.

When my second marriage ended I decided to do some holistic health courses to learn some new techniques and remind myself of the things I learned in my younger years. I thought this would be very helpful for my own journey and I'd also be able to help other people dealing with illness, anxiety and stress related problems like mine.

My health problems 

I had a lot of health problems in the past and have found the holistic lifestyle really helps along with meditating and relaxing regularly.
I started having problems sleeping just after my first boyfriend died. I had vivid dreams and nightmares for several years and was put on medication for this.
I also had bad psoriasis until the age of 25.
I was in a car accident at 18 and have had back problems on and off since then.
Stomach problems came next to food intolerances, then I was diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa.   I'm sure this was brought on by having a lower immune system from all the sickness and stomach problems.
I was put on literally hundreds of types of antibiotics and tablets but nothing seemed to work and the side-effects were terrible. I lost all my hair and my skin completely dried out, I felt tired and achy all the time and when this didn't stop I was then diagnosed with CFS/ME as well.
After this experience I had had enough and decided to stop all medication and look in to more natural remedies.
My doctor referred me to a physiotherapist who thought i had fibromyalgia, the symptoms are nearly the same and as there are no tests I guess no one will ever really know for sure. There is also no cure so have been researching  and learning about holistic ways to treat this to.

A few things I've learned that help me

  • I do yoga and tai chi regularly to build up my core strength
  • I go for short walks whenever I can. 
  • Eat a healthy diet with at least 50% raw food.
  • I drink pleanty of bottled spring water.
  • I take up to 8 natural suppliments a day.
  • I spend as much time being creative and spending time in nature as possible. 

Buddhist Teachings 

  • I realised that nothing is permanent in life and nothing can last forever. 
  • I've learned to let go of anger, fear, worry and guilt. 
  • I've learned not to give power to anyone to control my emotions. 'The only keeper of your happiness is you. Stop giving people power to control your smile, your worth and your attitude'.
  • I've removed negative energies, thoughts, people and emotions from my life that were draining my energy and have replaced them with positivity and the good things in life.  
  • I've learned that life is suffering and to live means to suffer.  
  • I've learned that we shouldn't worry about the past or the future, as we can't change what has happened or control what will happen. 
Through practice we can live in the here and now, put an end to cravings and suffering. Learn acceptance and experience extreme peace and happiness.

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