Monday, 9 July 2018

Women and Power: The Journey to Find Your True Path

When we hear the word “power”, we often associate it with words like force, aggression, gain, and conflict.

Everything has a masculine and feminine energy to it, and it’s these complimentary aspects that allow nature to live in balance.

We ourselves also have a masculine and feminine side, and so does the applications of power.

In this interview that Jessica had with the amazing Claire Zammit, she’ll share the concept of Feminine Power, and help to break down this new way of thinking that takes the traditional definition of “Power” to a whole new level.

As women embrace power, how it’s known in today’s world, there is also an impulse to self-actualize and expand this power. To truly succeed is to actually become our true selves, and to create a life where we live the best version of ourselves.

Listen, download or watch the interview here!

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