Sunday, 31 December 2017

This epic full moon invites you to feel your heart blossoming,...

This epic full moon invites you to feel your heart blossoming, as you vigilantly retrain your mind to work in alignment with your intentions, to look for the paths that lead you where real love is alive and well. We believe fully in your power to resurrect yourself from the ashes of your past and negative mental patterns and stand on the firm ground of trust–yes, even when the world around you shakes.
We are a global community of women, all committed to this inner transformation. Together we are able. Together we rise. We’ve got your back.
New Year’s Ritual
You need 10 minutes of undisturbed space. You can do this ritual inside or outside, in a group, with a partner, or by yourself.
You will need a journal and something to write or draw with.
Lie down on the ground.
Turn your ear to the earth and listen with your whole body.
Imagine that you hear a soft sound, almost imperceptible.
It is the sound of a seed, deep in the belly of our Mother,
beginning to break open and sprout.
Then you hear it again…and again…and again.
These are the seeds of every intention you have planted last year.
As you tune into each unique seed, use your body, your heart, and all six senses to feel whether or not this seed is something you still desire to bring to life.
If it’s one that no longer sings to your heart, imagine it dissolving back into Her, creating space for other desires to spread their roots.
Once the soil is clear, place your hands on the ground and send all the love inside your heart into the seeds below.
Trust that as you grow, so will they.
Take your time with this process. When you feel complete, take a few minutes to journal or draw about your experience.
If you’re in a circle, take turns sharing your experience with a nearby partner.
May you fearlessly listen to the still voice within, nourish the seeds of your heart, and step boldly into the unknown landscape of 2018. Dare to see your world through the lens of love.
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