Thursday, 6 July 2017

Is there a link between autoimmunity and personality traits?

I just read a GREAT article that explores the idea that common personality traits could be linked to autoimmune disorders.

Besides the listing of the 15 traits (check to see which ones you match up with), I really appreciated the 3 disclosures because they address the pushback that some people might have to this concept.

If you’re struggling with any sort of autoimmune disorder (or really any health challenge), I think you’ll appreciate this read:

My Autoimmunity + Personality Theory: Could Common Personality Traits Be Linked to Autoimmunity?

After you’ve read it, comment below and let me know if you agree with the blog’s premise.

One of the things that I think is SO important to remember when linking stress, emotions, or our personalities to ANY sort of disease, is to acknowledge that they are only contributing factors. It doesn’t mean having “this” trait equals “this” disease.

It means that having this trait + this genetic predisposition + these lifestyle choices = might potentially acquire this disease.

We try to make things black and white and it doesn’t serve us, because then we just try to fix or address one aspect of the challenge.

So whatever you’re struggling with today, just think about it in terms of, “What are the various factors that might be contributing to this current state of being, and what can I do to start to change them?”

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Do you agree with the blog? Comment below!

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