Friday, 12 May 2017

Two more PACE Trial critiques have been published in the ‘Journal of Health Psychology’ series | 12 May 2017

Two more commentaries on the controversial PACE Trial have been published in full by the Journal of Health Psychology (JHP) – part of a series of 13 it has published so far.

The JHP agreed to not to impose its usual paywall on this topic after it accepted a suggestion from the ME Association that the public interest in the subject warranted the pieces going open access.

The two latest critiques are as follows:

PACE-GATE: An alternative view on a study with a poor trial protocol (Bart Stouten)

PACE investigators’ response is misleading regarding patient survey results (Karen D Kirke).

The ME Association has archived all the articles in this series – including those written by defenders of the PACE Trial.

They can be found below Dr Charles Shepherd’s contribution at this link:

from ME Association



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