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Five Simple Ways to Show Yourself Some Love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Anxiety Tips

Valentine's Day Anxiety Tips


Whether you’re single, entering into a budding new relationship, or in a long-term partnership, Valentine’s Day can leave many people feeling anxious. Social anxiety particularly, centres around the fear of being negatively perceived by those around you. If you find Valentine’s Day can be a bit of an anxious time, here are a few tips to remind you to show yourself some love and make sure you are taking care of yourself today (and every other day)!


1 – Be daisy-712892_1920kind to yourself

We can all be prone to the niggling voice of self-doubt and negative self-talk. On a day such as today, that can feel so focused on ideals and perfection, it can be all too easy to let this self-doubt take over. Try to eliminate those negative thoughts and remind yourself of the positives in your life, what is it that makes you smile? There are also a number of great self-help resources available from our resource centre that offer a range of useful tips and techniques.



twitter-292994_19202 – Take a break from social media

Social media often presents an unrealistic picture of what life is like and can leave people feeling that things need to be perfect. Valentine’s Day can see our social media feeds filling up with images of ‘perfect couples’ having the time of their lives. This can result in us feeling that what we are doing just doesn’t quite match up. Rather than spend today scrolling through your feeds, make an effort to take some time out from social media. Stay present in the moment and simply enjoy what you’re doing (rather than worrying about what will makes a good profile picture).




3 – Talking always helps

Talk to those around you. You are certainly not the only person who can find holidays such as Valentine’s Day stressful. Opening up about how you feel and exchanging experiences is a really useful way to reduce those anxious feelings. Whenever you are feeling anxious, talking is a great way to start addressing it. Here at Anxiety UK we have a national network of approved therapists that offer a range of talking therapies.



4 – Make today girl-102829_1920about you

Rather than feeling pressured into spending Valentine’s Day in a specific way, focus on doing the things that you enjoy and that help you relax. One great way that many of our member find useful in helping them relax, is through practising mindfulness techniques. For example, as part of our membership packages our members receive 1 year’s free subscription to the meditation app Headspace. Using this app for just 10 minutes a day has been found to have a real impact for many people.


Word35 – Join Anxiety UK

Become an Anxiety UK mem
ber for just £30 a year, and grant yourself access to a wide range of resources and reduced cost therapy.  Our membership offers long term solutions and services all year round, so whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your Birthday, or just another tough Wednesday, you’ll know you have our support! To become a member or to find out more, call the Anxiety UK Infoline on 08444 775 774 (7p/min) or visit our website at www.anxietyuk.org.uk

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